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Being along with our customers in each instance of their business is part of our commitment to provide comprehensive coverage.


We believe that an essential part of providing a good service is to understand the needs of our customers, and act accordingly aplying the best practices that will help us to set up a criterious, dynamic, flexible and cost-effective solution for our every case. To achieve this, planning the course of an action is fundamental.

We encourage teamwork, updating and constant training of our professionals. Our commitment is based on offering work schemes according to the budgets, times and desired projection in each company. Our clients guarantee the effectiveness of our work, and their implementations are proof of a technological, operative and functional independence scheme.


The implementation of an IT solution requires a careful procedure that goes through different phases of teamwork. Thanks to the collaboration of our professionals in areas of networking, development, design and communication, as well as specialists in support and usability, Insetec creates the necessary structures so that each work exceeds the expectations outlined across the proposed instances.

The integration of different tools allows us to take advantage of the best of each case, gaining a significant reduction in cost and operational independence for the client. The standardization of procedures, hardware and software components guarantees a simplified management even in highly complex structures. This dynamic work method has allowed us to carry out projects that maximize profitability and accelerate the return on investment in technology.


An enduring and profitable IT infrastructure is one that has been prepared to adapt to the needs of a changing market, where technical scalability is a vital element for our customers. From the beginning, Insetec provides highly qualified staff to service complex network structures.

Daily tasks in high performance servers require a detailed control of the operative state of each component. Our experts permanently monitor resource response times, internal connectivity between nodes, links redundancy, CPU usage, processes time, and software event logs, addressing any eventuality in real time, minimizing the possibility of a service outage and anticipating physical failures in the equipments. These practices all together allow us to take advantage of the systems in their maximum capacity, always.


Our customers can count on us to get the best technical support for day to day operations. The IT staff is always available to the needs of each case, being reachable by many communication channels, whether chat, telephone or e-mail.

Each case is monitored during all the stages, from the incident call, categorization, diagnosis, and proposed procedure for a solution. The service reports allow each company to control the use of technical assistance requests and further know which areas to improve, training staff or simplify the easy of tools.

We believe that technology can be a decisive driver in the promotion of human progress.
We work to provide the best tools that allow our clients to achieve all their objectives.


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Buenos Aires, Argentina

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